Saturday 27 January 2018

Two Poems by Kenneth J Cody

City of Sadness

My life is sealed by two distinct black walls,
An interstate of racing thoughts,
Scattered throughout a city of morbid ruin.
Suicidal cells circulating,
Polluting the air of this decomposing surrounding,
Tearing holes in each brain wave.

There are many doors painting the walls,
Each an opening to a hidden reality.
On each door protrudes an industrial strength lock,
Designed to protect oneself from eternal sadness.

In a constant war with the one who holds the Key,
Whose power so strong,
Can open every door,
Creating a lowness of absorbing disease.
A growing desperation to be free,
To cut all power,
By destroying the one who holds the Key,

Manic Depression.

Whenever presented with an unlocked door,
Shadowed memories of utter discomfort become visible.
Revealing an empty bed maintained by a broken heart.
Soon all other memories begin to surface,
Like tiny thorns imbedded into my brain.

A bottle of empty pills,
Unprotected intercourse,
An aborted fetus,
As well as many mistakes gift-wrapped in hopes of a surprise,
But instead further mental torture.

Lost in internal suffering,
And hopes to one day rebuild my city with Lexapro bricks.


Your Skin Has Feeling

His canvas is pasty,
Cold and unforgiving.
Vomiting due to its existence,
Covering his blood like an icy blanket.

His canvas is weeping,
Begging to be left alone.

Leave me be,
For I am not your enemy.

With waves breaking without warning,
His eyes are saturated in the ocean...

Created subconsciously from the craters,
Burnt into his canvas randomly,
He knows not what he does,
Only that the pain disappears each moment.


Determined to destroy his inner self,
Only to torture his canvas,
which is innocent.


About the Author

I was born and raised in Virginia and currently reside in Florida with my wife Melissa and four beautiful children. I am a non-combat disabled veteran and suffer from Bipolar Disorder type 1 with psychotic features, rapid cycle and mixed episodes. I write poetry to escape the turmoil associated with this disorder and overcoming the pain and suffering I have experienced. You can find me on my website:


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