Sunday 5 January 2014

The darkness is coming (poem)

The darkness is coming

by Bernadette Barnes

have you ever heard the voice of the darkness
as it whispers sweet entreaties in the night
have you trembled at the fearful thought
that there may be no retuning of the light
down and down you slowly slip away
into the ever widening gulf of the abyss
caressed by the velvet hand of terror
and anointed by the devil’s frigid kiss
trapped in the web of sleeplessness
longing for the pale pink light of dawn
but somehow inky midnight clings and cloys
as the waking nightmare goes on and on
then when all trace of hope has vanished
and your soul knows you will never survive
a golden sun crests the distant horizon
and you are shocked to find you are alive
so you rise and set out to face the world
but still the darkness speaks in dulcet tones
keeping you trapped in its firm and icy grip
as it deftly whimpers and softly moans
then you know that this time will be lost to you
though you may walk in the sunshine all day
for you are still at the bottom of the abyss
and for now there will be no turning away

The darkness has overtaken me many times and I try to shelter my inner fire as I await the mood shift which will come..., eventually. I suppose that I wrote and wanted to share this with those in mind, whom I know have also been to the bottom of the abyss. It is always good to know that others know and understand.

It is not always a matter of choice in this life..., sometimes we are simply overwhelmed by feelings of despair and darkness that many will never experience (nor would I want them to) and which can seem insurmountable. Trust me when I say that if we could choose to cast this off, we would, in a heart beat.

No one would harbour these feelings a moment longer than possible, but once darkness takes you the very best one can hope for is a helpful friend who understands and walks along the edge of the abyss and calls out to you until you find your way out. A friend who then embraces you and smiles a welcome home.


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