Saturday 27 September 2014

Depression’s Reason, by Kim Rachelle Robinson

You see them look, and shake their head.
“Why doesn’t she just get out of bed?”

That same old question, you always hear,
“What’s wrong with you now, my friend, my dear?”

That million dollar question, they want to know,
It has no answer, how would I not know?

It’s hard for those who love you to stick around,
Who wants to watch a loved one only frown?

We understand that, believe it or not,
For neither do we like to see your eyes drop.

Our world around us, could be crumbling down,
Or nothing bad at all could be going down.

Depression has no logic, no rhyme or reason,
It simply has to come and go, just like the four seasons.

~ Kim Rachelle Robinson



  1. This poem really moved me. Because it so true. It sums up 20 years of bi-polar mood disorder. I get better but i always know there is a good chance of a depressive phase coming back. I make sure I enjoy the good times. I live life to the full, positively. It is my own coping strategy. So is writing poetry...

    1. Hi Jules, I can only apologise, I only spotted your comment now, so long after you posted it! Your own poetry opens the realities of your own experiences with illness, I am glad that Kim's poem reached in and touched you. ~Marty