Friday 16 January 2015

Our outdoor struggles and how to fight the downers, by Michael Baker

Hi everyone, another blog for you, following on from my first back in November. This time I'd like to discuss how our routines get affected by such illnesses, using my own experience, as well as some ways to help yourself.

I used to be quite an active person. I was never the Master of Activity of course; indeed my Dad often tried to get me out of the house and do more exercise and not be indoors so much on my laptop, but heyho! But I was able to attend the gym three or four times a week, wing chun (martial arts, for those who don't know) twice a week, and take walks maybe a couple of times a day.

That was before my chronic fatigue began. I'm a lot less active now. I can't manage the gym at the moment, haven’t been in eight or nine months. I did try once or twice but I only managed ten minutes or so each time and wound up in bed, exhausted, for days afterwards. The payoff just isn't worth it while I'm like this.

My walking has also been greatly reduced, although recently I've been taking steps (pun intended!) to get out more. I haven't done any martial arts in nearly six months, but hopefully I can attend more as I start to recover. I really miss it and the guys who I train with, though I'll be easy pickings when I return!

It can be very difficult for those of us who suffer from chronic illnesses such as this to keep our spirits high. One thing I do is create a big list of things which make me happy, and do all I can to make those things happen, as often as I can. Being happy really improves your outlook, so I suggest we all give it a shot! Here is my list:

  • Gaming, video games and elsewhere. I play games a hell of a lot, it keeps me sane and keeps my mind nimble and entertained.
  • Spending time with friends
  • Eating good food
  • Watching tennis
  • Spending time with my wonderful girlfriend Vicky
  • Meditation
  • Writing and world-building

We will all have different happy lists; I'd love to hear yours!

Regards all.


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