Thursday 2 June 2016

Lemon and Garlic and Victor

My friend Victor was someone you didn’t notice. He was quiet and kept to himself. He always seemed pensive and focused. When I caught his eye his face would light up with warm bright eyes and wide smile. It was remarkable.

Always kind, gentle, thoughtful, caring. When I was with him it felt like I was on a mountaintop, or some other place magical. One of the most extraordinary humans I’ve ever known.. Brilliant artist..

I wrote those words to a friend before I visited him. She said, Tell him Fran, Tell him.. So I did..

I sat at his feet. He had me move closer. The sea air breezed in. The warmth of the sun couldn’t help itself. It snuck in also. We talked of everything and nothing, just happy to be together. I planned to make him some thick, tasty, nourishing soup. I told him when he gets well, I would love to be his driver to go visit his mum. After an hour I asked if he needed some time before his reiki treatment. We agreed. We kissed. They said he only had 3 days to live. He lived 10. And he and his art will live on in the hearts and on the walls of those who loved him.

I sat at my table and found myself reaching up to touch his lemon and garlic that graced my wall. I was moved to photograph it, with no intention to catch the reflection. It did so anyway. Front and center was the yellow rose he helped choose that ended up at a New York City gallery, The Pen and Brush. Isn’t that how life is ~ each of us touching each other’s hearts, each of us reflecting each other, each of us impacting each other. Make your imprint matter.



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