Friday 29 July 2016

You Have No Clue

You have no clue what it’s like..
to be raped as your entrance into womanhood
to shove food in your mouth followed by fingers, emptying all but that one thing that won’t budge
to run into the arms of a cult for stability
to suffer and beg with stifled tears at the foot of your husband
to graduate with honors against all odds
to succeed in a profession stacked against you for being a woman
to fall into the vice grip of a pit bull illness tossed about like a rag doll
to gain then lose each and every thing and not just things
to crawl back.. once more..
to lose it all over again because no one understands

You have no clue what it’s like..
to have a hand and heart held out to you across an ocean steadily and calmly pulling me to shore, to higher ground..
my best friend..

You have no clue..
I do



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