Tuesday 25 April 2017

High Shelves, Low Shelves: Our Book in Libraries around the World

UPDATED: Last updated November 2017, to add Columbus Metropolitan Library (Ohio, USA) and MaineHealth Learning Resource Center Lending Libraries (Maine, USA).

As authors, Fran and I naturally want our book to sell. But more importantly we want it in the hands of people who are keen to read it, whose lives might be enriched and changed by it. That means having it in libraries where it can be borrowed by people interested in it, without necessarily wanting or needing to purchase a copy.

As a friend of ours, David W. Jones, recently put it: “Getting your book in local libraries may or may not gain buyers, but it does gain eyeballs and it helps folks who may otherwise be unable to just buy a copy right off.”

We are happy to share a number of libraries where can find our book. There are more all the time—let us know if you find another to add to our list!

Newcastle City Library (Tyne & Wear, England)

Library website | Online catalogue

I contacted my city library here in Newcastle upon Tyne as soon as our book was published, asking if they had a procedure for local authors. I received a reply by return, asking me to take in a print copy for them to look at, which I was happy to do. Within a few weeks they emailed to say they would be happy to purchase our book (from Amazon as it was apparently not on their usual supplier’s system) for their Health and Wellbeing collection. They returned the sample I had taken in, which became my personal copy (it was returned in perfect condition but I would not sell a used copy to anyone else).

It took a couple of weeks for the book to appear in the online catalogue, and several more before it was on the shelves. I visited the library each week to check—and it was a very proud moment when I spotted it there! At the time of writing, High Tide, Low Tide is out on loan. It’s a great feeling!

Recovery College Collective (Newcastle, England)

Recovery College website

Martin recently enrolled as a student at the Newcastle Recovery College Collective (ReCoCo) and will be taking several of their mental health related courses. We are proud to donate a copy of our book to the college library for the benefit of students, volunteers and staff.

Read more about what ReCoCo means to us here.

Happy Cafe Ely (Ely, England)

Cafe website

We are proud to support the Happy Cafe Ely, part of the Happy Cafe Network. High Tide, Low Tide is available to users of the cafe, alongside great titles by authors including mental health writer and speaker Rachel Kelly.

Warwick Public Library (Rhode Island, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

A great friend of ours, Stacey Lehrer, bought High Tide, Low Tide to read herself, and then generously donated it to her local library in Warwick, Rhode Island. As she told us:

I’m excited for more people to see the book. All the libraries in Rhode Island are connected in one system so it would be available statewide.

Stacey’s belief in our book appears well-founded: it has been borrowed at least once since it was added to the collection.

Portland Library, Peaks Island Branch (Maine, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

High Tide, Low Tide is not yet in the city library in Portland, Maine, but there is a copy in the Peaks Island branch thanks to another friend generously donating a copy. Fran was a resident of Peaks Island for many years, and was living there when we first met. It means a great deal to us that our book is available to island residents and visitors.

Maine Health Learning Resource Center Lending Libraries (Maine, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

Copies are held at both the Falmouth and Scarborough resource centers.

Rapid City Library (South Dakota, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

Another recent library addition is in Rapid City, South Dakota, thanks to a dear friend, Jennifer Evans. Jennifer mentioned our book to a colleague, who requested it at the library. The library ordered a copy for their Health & Fitness Collection.

Lawrence Public Library (Kansas, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

Columbus Metropolitan Library (Ohio, USA)

Library website | Online catalogue

Six copies have been added to the collection at various branches within the Columbus Metropolitan Library area.

Royal Society of Medicine Library (London, England)

Library website | Online catalogue

How to Request Our Book for Your Library

If you would like to ask your local library to stock our book (thank you!) here are the details:

Title: High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder
Authors: Martin Baker and Fran Houston
Publisher: Nordland Publishing
Date of publication: September 11, 2016
ISBN-10: 8283310216
ISBN-13: 978-8283310214
Library Classification: 616.895

Amazon: www.amazon.com/High-Tide-Low-Friends-Disorder/dp/8283310216
Amazon UK: www.amazon.co.uk/High-Tide-Low-Friends-Disorder/dp/8283310216
B&N: www.barnesandnoble.com/w/high-tide-low-tide-martin-baker/1124632815


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