Wednesday 3 May 2017

Sometimes You Have to Wear Your Shades on a Snowy Day, by Crystal Kinistino

One day maybe, people will look at you like you’re strange (fuck that people will always be this way). Take it as a compliment! It means you have the courage to be different, i.e; real. It means sometimes you have to walk out of your apartment on a snowy day when the clouds cover any hint of the sun, and you have to wear your shades.

People will look at you strange (fuck that people always think that way). Better to wear the shades, because sometimes it’s the only thing which can hide your pain, because some people are just that fucking brave.

Not brave in that they hide their pain, but brave in that they face it. They actually have the courage to walk out of their apartment on a snowy day with a heartbreak. Fill in the blank and use your imagination. This heartbreak can be anything, anything that brings us to our knees... disease, a loved one’s death, a loss of any sort, depression, etc.

People do not realize how brave they truly are, to be able to go out there in the world and do what they do, when everything inside of them is pulling them back into the comfort and safety of their own sanctuaries.


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