Sunday 4 March 2018

Welcoming Myself Home

When I am depressed I yawn a lot. It’s as if I can’t take a breath or don’t want to. I sleep a lot and can’t wake up. And it takes forever to do one task if it indeed gets done. I just spent a month in Mexico where I pushed all my thoughts aside and intensely lived in the moment. Many things were wonderful, some not so much. Living alongside bipolar is not an easy thing to do especially when traveling. Coming home I began unravelling and everything stopped. I was really sick in body and mind. I second guessed everything. The only thing I hung onto was that I was really proud of myself to do such an amazing thing. There are those who don’t understand. I try to stay away from them. Understanding friends I cling to for they help me integrate in a healthy way. I continue to welcome myself home.



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