Sunday 25 November 2018

Today, I simply give thanks.

Today, I simply give thanks.

I give thanks to each person in my life sharing smiles, laughter, love, tears, happiness, contrast, and the wonders of the world with me.

I give thanks to those seemingly different from me as they open my eyes to new ideas, understandings, opportunities, and ways of living.

I give my thanks to those who choose to see love, health, happiness, and possibilities in whatever situation they find themselves in at this moment.

I give thanks to those with such courage and conviction who face situations that seem insurmountable and yet find a way to not only survive but thrive.

I give thanks to YOU and ask that you add Thank You to the top of your vocabulary list. Say thank you for the good experiences. Say thank you to the contrasting experiences as there is a gem waiting to be uncovered.

Whether you say THANK YOU out loud or quietly to yourself, when you live in and with gratitude, you shine so bright you light up the world.


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