Tuesday 28 May 2019

Announcing Hidden Histories: Mining in the North East

By Sophie Hopkins and Eliza Colin Hodges

Wednesday June 5, 2019, 9:45 – 4:30, Shakespeare Hall, North Road, Durham, England.

Hidden Histories: Mining in the North East began with two young women in their twenties, as part of the Jack Drum Arts Active Citizens program. Sophie and Eliza met in February 2019 on a residential that covered leadership skills. Modules covered local and global identity and culture. At the end of the week they were asked to identify a problem in their local area.

Sophie identified the stigma that exists between the older and younger generations and the lack of connection they have with each other, despite the fact that recent research shows there are many similarities between the generations.

Eliza identified the lack of local knowledge around mining and how students at Durham University were largely unaware of the region’s heritage. She also identified the lack of communication between locals and students.

With a lot of hard work, these ideas developed into Hidden Histories: Mining in the North East, an event that will take place on Wednesday June 5, 9:45 – 4:30, at the Shakespeare Hall, North Road, Durham, England.

The event will feature speakers from Beamish Museum, the Auckland Project, GMB Trade Union and Education for Action, along with talks by local authors, poets, and artists. There will be opportunity to listen to a local artist at lunch sharing music as part of their social action project.

For further details see the event on Facebook or email hiddenhistoriesne@yahoo.com.

Local bloggers Martin Baker of Gum on My Shoe and Aimee Wilson of I’m NOT disordered will be there on the day and will blog the event. Follow them on social media and the hashtag #hiddenhistories.

Martin Baker: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Aimee Wilson: Blog | Twitter | Instagram


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