Wednesday 20 April 2022

40 Mental Health Blog Topics From the Caring Friend's Perspective

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or starting out on your blogging journey, one thing I can guarantee is that you’ll sometimes struggle to find a new or engaging topic to write about. In this post I’m sharing a number of topics from my personal ideas cache, with a focus on supporting friends or loved ones who live with mental health conditions. I’ve used some previously — see examples below — but most I’ve yet to write about.

For convenience I’ve grouped them into themes: Blogging, Support, Healthy Friendships and Relationships, About You, Ideas and Inspiration, and Mental Health. I’ve also included links to a few other lists of mental health topics.


1. My aims and aspirations for my blog.

2. How did you choose the name for your blog?

Example: Ever Wonder Why Our Blog Is Called Gum on My Shoe?

3. Five things I will never blog about and why.

4. How I write my blog posts.

Example: Secrets of a Successful Blogging Workflow

5. The best and worse things about being a mental health blogger.

Example: When Blogging Is Hard and What to Do About It

6. Finding good copyright-free illustrations.

Example: How to Choose the Perfect Image for Your Blog Post


7. How to use social media to support your friends and loved ones.

8. Why it’s important to have different kinds of support networks.

Example: Spokesfriends and Insular Groups: What Kind of Support Network Do You Have?

9. Virtual vs “real life” friendships and support.

10. Online mental health resources I’ve found helpful.

Healthy Friendships and Relationships

11. Ten ways to spend quality time with your friend.

12. How to reconnect (or not) when a friendship breaks down.

13. Envy and jealousy in a caring relationship.

14. How getting it wrong led me to a deeper understanding of what my friend lives with.

15. How to ask the right questions (and listen to the answers).

16. Healthy boundaries: when to say yes, and when to say no.

17. Six things I want my friend to know.

18. The friend you need and the friend I need to be.

19. How to build and maintain a mutually supportive friendship.

About You

20. How did you become a mental health blogger?

21. Write an open letter to yourself.

Example: Dear Marty: An Open Letter to Myself

22. One argument (or mistake or setback) that had a lasting positive result.

23. Things I’m grateful for.

Example: 11 Things I’m Grateful For This Week

24. Things no one knows about me.

Example: 21 Things You Didn’t Know About Marty

Ideas and Inspiration

25. My top inspirational music tracks.

Example: Twelve Songs That Remind Me What Caring Is All About

26. Five mental health books I’d recommend.

27. People you respect and admire in the mental health community.

Example: Six People I Admire in the Mental Health Community

Mental Health

28. An open letter to my friend after her overdose.

29. Can you ever really understand if you’ve not experienced mental ill health yourself?

30. What not to say when your friend is depressed (or anxious, or in mania, etc).

31. Three mental health terms I never understood — until I did.

32. 99 words on depression (or any other mental health condition).

33. Healthy habits and how to keep them.

34. What self-care means to me.

35. How to educate yourself about your friend’s mental health condition.

36. An interview with your friend about what it’s like for them living with mental illness.

37. Five things you’ve learned about mental illness.

38. How to be a mental health ally.

39. The best and worst mental health memes you’ve seen.

40. Mental health awareness days and events — are they helpful or do they trivialise how things are for your friend and others living with mental illness?

More Mental Health Blogging Ideas

Check out the following links for more mental health blogging topics.

For more specific ideas, search for “blogging ideas for depression” (or anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc).

Over to You

I hope you found these ideas interesting and useful. Please feel free to use or adapt any of them as you wish. There’s no need to link back to his article, though I’d love it if you did! If you tag me or let me know you’ve used one of these topic ideas, I’ll be sure to share a link to your post on our social media.



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