Wednesday 20 September 2023

The Guest at Your Table: A Jumbo Selection of My Writing on Other People's Blogs

Fran and I are immensely grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to share our story and message to a wider audience. In this post I’ve brought together a selection of articles hosted on other people’s blogs and websites. Check out our news and appearances page for more, including our books, reviews, interviews, and podcast appearances.

I’m always open to invitations so if you have a blog or project and would like me to contribute please get in touch. Likewise, we love having guest bloggers here at Gum on My Shoe. Check our contact page for submission guidelines.

Hosted by bp Magazine

Hosted by I’m NOT Disordered

Hosted by Julie A. Fast

Hosted by Stigma Fighters

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Image by David Clode at Unsplash



  1. I just read your article on red flags in bp hope and found it fascinating. My husband helps me with spotting red flags, and I often discuss with him when I think I'm feeling manicky and ask for his feedback.

    1. Hi Janet, thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you found the article of interest! Great that your husband helps you stay vigilant re red flags and any changes in how you're feeling. Teamwork!