Friday 3 July 2015

oh yeah.. here again..

i’m flat.. the result of too much good going on.. this is what always happens.. the hypomania everyone loves me.. the jokey.. the push push push to be a part of life with all my friends.. the being involved in everything that’s going on.. running to catch up.. the overspending of energy that can’t be caught up.. to...the flat.. the no one loves me.. the everyone is doing everything fun and not inviting me.. the i can’t get out of bed.. the i can’t stop eating.. or drinking.. this my friends.. is the joy of bipolar.. and there are so many more words..



  1. I feel the same way, for the same reasons. Yes, there are so many more words... > I'm glad that you have taken the time, and have made the effort (believe me, I know what an effort it is) to sift through all the overwhelming possibilities of words and racing thoughts, to get these few down in writing, today.. Because I read them, and now, I feel a little less alone. (funny... I, too, use a lot of "..." in my attempts to express myself.. I understand the "..." 's ....I read what is between the lines in the "..." s) ...) BTW: I emailed you and Marty a few days ago.. msg subject was "LOve from a Stranger".. I hope you received it. I did hear back from Marty, and also Moody Mu. I would welcome hearing from you if you feel like communicating at some point..

    1. just saw this.. i'm glad you feel less alone.. at times i am energetic and able to connect and at times not.. please don't take it personally.. just trying to keep my head above water..