Saturday 22 July 2023

All The Currency I See in Martin Through Our Friendship

By his blogging bestie, Aimee Wilson

As soon as Martin told me he was writing a blog post about what a person can “bring” to a friendship; I thought it might be nice to talk about all the reasons why he’s one of my best-friends, my inspiration in so many ways, and genuinely the kindest and most supportive man I know!

Immediately after I first recognised that I was making real progress in my mental health recovery, I felt the need to think about who and what had helped or made it happen. This meant that I’ve grown to really believe in the importance and significance of showing gratitude and appreciation for the people and the things that have really shaped your life in so many different ways. It is that which has encouraged me to tell you all that Martin is actually as lovely in real life as he is on Gum On My Shoe!

The part of my life he is probably the most important for is in everything to do with blogging — and I don’t want that to sound superficial or insignificant — my blog (I’m NOT Disordered) has been absolutely monumental and fundamental in my mental health journey and has gone on to help my career life too; so it’s incredibly important to me that there is someone in my life who truly understands that. Who understands how much thought, time, and effort can go into writing a blog post – and really, into creating content in general!

The reason understanding and empathy goes a long way with me, is because I spent years hallucinating — years being told that I was seeing and hearing things that weren’t real. Things that no one else was experiencing and so, how could they ever really grasp anything about me? How could they ever truly support me when they had no real clue of why I needed to be supported?

So, when blogging began to turn into something really serious and important, I was so worried by the instant notion that there was literally no one in my life who had a blog. It actually left me a little unsure as to whether to continue blogging — and that’s why I thank Martin; for swooping in and providing me with one of the greatest supports I’ve ever experienced.

My gratitude for his entire existence doesn’t just relate to blogging though; over the years since we first met in 2016 I’ve seen him to have so many incredible qualities and skills. He’s massively loyal — once he supports someone then he’s all in. He’s thoughtful and kind — he’ll give me the best and most amazing gifts at Christmasses, birthdays and the odd random time throughout the year and they’re always just what I wanted/needed! He’s funny too — in the way where we both even end up saying the same thing at the same time because I found it funny too! And, most important of ALL of this ... he’s a BIG fan of my local pizza takeaway!

I’d honestly be lost without Martin and I can’t imagine my life without this bestie of mine in it.

About the Author

Aimee Wilson is a mental health blogger who has used her personal experiences to develop a popular online profile. She has guested here at Gum on My Shoe on several occasions. You can follow Aimee on her blog I’m NOT Disordered and on Twitter (@aimes_wilson).


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